Career path

We help you to explore

We want working for us to be an adventure and our employees to discover something new every day; we want them to feel that they create something important and innovative. It is a journey not only towards modern technology , but above all into themselves and their abilities.

We believe that in life one should leave the beaten paths and set new trails. Only such an approach really makes sense. Therefore, if you are ready for a fascinating journey - welcome!

Job offers

We are convinced that there is no better investment than investment in people. We create good and fair working conditions that allow talent to bloom. The foundation is the transparent rules, a good atmosphere and mutual trust.

Our team consists of enthusiasts - people truly dedicated to what they are working on, helpful, open and kind. In our company, you have the chance to take a journey to the heart of modern technology and interesting projects. On the road to success, we will be your biggest supporter. Thanks to this, reaching higher will be much easier.

In return for your skills and individuality, we will provide you:

  • Stability of employment

    We want you to feel safe with us, that is why we play fair and we take responsibility for our employees. Formal conditions – we will try to adapt to your needs and circumstances.

  • The possibility of promotion and development

    We will appreciate your every success, we will make sure that you have a chance for promotion and to develop. We are convinced that climbing your career ladder will be an adventure and great fun.

  • Access to training

    By joining us, you will get to meet people who have achieved a lot and from whom you can learn. We will also provide you with interesting training, and every hour spent on broadening your knowledge and experiences will bring you benefits for the rest of your life.

  • Working on innovative projects

    Challenges excite us, so be ready also to travel into the unknown. We will give you the opportunity to work on projects that will help you become a better and better specialist. It is the only way to develop and to keep up with a changing world.

  • A friendly working atmosphere

    Oxido is a team whose members like and respect each other. We will recognise your achievements to date, we will accept you regardless of whether you will be a silent programmer or an extrovert salesperson. We are open and tolerant!

  • Tasty treats at the end of the week

    Every Friday in our agency, you can join everyone for a delicious cake. Satisfied by the ending week, full of hope for the next, we forget about counting calories and eat something delicious!

Marek Jeleśniański

It is important for me to create
a friendly atmosphere at Oxido.
I demand, but also try to understand
and to inspire. Join us!

Marek Jeleśniański, Oxido