Work on our configurator has been completed – discover the power of innovation

The Disting door configurator is ready! This innovative tool which was designed by our agency significantly supports our client’s sales, and users enjoy the ability to customize their doors.

The potential of our client's business has inspired us to take the initiative to create an interesting virtual tool –  says Marek Jeleśniański, owner of Oxido. – It would give customers the ability to customize doors to their needs and see the final effect before making a purchase. The client was enthusiastic about our idea, and months of hard work resulted in the fact that today we are pleased with its successful implementation – he adds.

We have created a powerful yet easy-to-use and intuitive tool which has tremendous development potential. The process of customizing doors to the customer's needs involves a few steps. The first is indicating the model for modification, the second is the selection of door details, add-ons and accessories (each change appears on the user's screen as soon as it is chosen), and the third is the ability to save the configuration on the user’s device or print it.

The door configurator also includes step-by-step tutorials which guide customers through the door-making process and the selection of its details. We made this tool as user-friendly as possible. Help windows appear in different parts of the main window and indicate and explain the configurator’s functions.

The success of the door configurator created for Disting blurs the boundaries between the process of purchasing a door in a shop and at home in front of a monitor. Thanks to the great photos of doors and the large number of specified details, the customer will not be disappointed when receiving his or her order.

Moreover, the configurator has tremendous potential for further development. Due to the fact that it is based on our CMS Helixo system, it can be quickly modified and expanded with new features. It looks great and has all the same functionalities on tablets and laptops, which means it can be used by mobile vendors.

Technology offers an increasing number of new capabilities every day. When properly used, it can significantly support businesses and increase user satisfaction - the door configurator is a great example of this! You can try it at