Another Oxido product configurator is available!

Another tool for supporting sales and increasing the satisfaction of KR CENTER’s customers is not available. It's the Bastion door configurator. Discover all its possibilities!

The Bastion door configurator is an online tool that primarily serves KR CENTER customers and helps them make purchasing decisions. How?

Doors are configurable products. This means that you can buy them in different colours and sizes, you can also choose your preferred glass, door handles and rosettes, and many other accessories. There are so many possibilities that sometimes it is hard to imagine the final result, and without a clear visualization, the chances of disappointment are high. That is why we have created a product configurator, a tool which minimises the risk of customer dissatisfaction and reduces the number of door returns.

How the product configurator works

The Bastion door configurator is a very simple and intuitive tool. Customers log on to the site and can view the full range of Bastion doors. Next, they choose the model they want to modify and continue.

Now it's time to customize the door. All the configuration options are available on the right. Customers select the width of the door, its colour, determine whether it should be two-coloured, choose the frame and accessories, as well as any additional services, and the direction of opening the door. Sometimes one of the options may not be available due to the choice of another option, e.g. choosing a two-colour door is not possible in the case of a door with a full wooden door frame. We have considered this to make sure that stores do not receive incorrectly placed orders.

What is important, with every change made which affects the total cost of the door, the price is updated. Customers know exactly how much they will pay at all times.

One of the useful functions of the configurator is the ability to rotate the view. Bastion manufactures entrance doors to apartments, so the customer has the possibility to view the door from the apartment as well as from the staircase.

The final stage is the summary. Customers see the details of their order, which can be verified here. At each stage, it is possible to go back to the previous steps and even start customizing another door model from the beginning.

If the customer is satisfied with the achieved result, he or she can save the order on their device and send it to the store or print it and deliver it in person.

What are the benefits of implementing a product configurator for a company?

The configurator is primarily intended for companies which sell products with multiple options. It is not always possible and cost-effective to take photos of every single version of a product. This is where the configurator will come in useful. Customers will be given an innovative tool that will have a positive impact on the company's image as a brand which takes care of their needs and ensures their satisfaction.

Using the configurator before placing an order can reduce the number of returns. Customers will no longer have to imagine a product in their chosen configuration, but will see it on their device screen (monitor, tablet, or smartphone). Therefore, their level of satisfaction will be greater and the number of customers disappointed by the appearance of the received product will decrease significantly.

The number of erroneously submitted and accepted orders will also be reduced. Customers don’t always read all the important information about the product, for example, that white doors are not available with a steel door frame. A customer might place such an order and the employees will lose their valuable time checking the order and explaining the mistake to the customer. Such situations can result in mutual frustration, but our configurator will block the ability to place orders for products which are not available in a particular configuration. In addition, the order received by employees in the form of a printout or an e-mail from the configurator included all the information they need. There is no room for errors or misunderstandings.

Providing the configurator to your customers will have a positive impact on your company's image and competitiveness on the market, where it is important to constantly look for opportunities to stand out and get ahead of your competitors. If they are already using a configurator, then you cannot ignore this fact. However, if they are not, then you’ll be one step ahead!

Will the product configurator be good for my business too?

As long as your company sells products which are available in different versions, this will be a great solution. It does not matter if you sell doors, windows, clothes, mugs, cars, jewellery or other products. In any case, the configurator will help your customers to order what they really need.

Oxido will prepare a configurator for your company that fully matches your needs, both in terms of visual identification and functionality. We can even create a very robust configurator with a vast number of options. However, the primary goals are always the same: simplicity and ease of use.

The Disting configurator – supporting customers for many years

The Bastion door configurator is the second Oxido product ordered by KR CENTER. The first was the Disting luxury door configurator, which has been supporting customers in their online shopping for several years. The company was so satisfied with this solution that it ordered another product for apartment entrance doors from Bastion, which are among the most popular products on the market. An extensive colour palette, multiple accessory sets, additional services - all there options have made the implementation of the configurator a success in both cases.