Product configurators – increase profits from e-commerce

Customers are increasingly eager to shop online, but they are not always satisfied with their orders. One of the most common reasons for this are differences between the purchased product and the customer’s expectation of how it would look like. However, there is a tool which can increase their satisfaction. It’s a product configurator. What are its main advantages?


Trade is slowly moving into the virtual world. This is an increasing trend which started several years ago. Gemius reports that in 2015, as many as 54% of Polish Internet users made purchases in Polish e-stores. That’s 9% more than in 2014. The report also looked at the problems they encountered in online shopping. 20% of respondents indicated that the main problem for them was dissatisfaction with the products they received (non-compliance with their expectations).

Product configurators are an excellent tool which solves this problem.

What is a product configurator and how does it work?

This tool allows customers to manually configure products and see them before placing an order. They can view different colours, materials, decorations, accessories, and other items related to the product. Variants can be changed until the perfect one is found. And if this does not satisfy the customer, he or she can reset the changes and start all over again.

Some things are difficult to imagine. It is possible that customers will be disappointed after ordering a product which has customizable elements. One example are doors – it is very difficult to imagine a specific model if we are separately choosing the shape of the panels, the veneer in a particular colour, the peephole, the handle, hinges, and other elements. It may turn out that a handle which looks great in the catalogue is too modern in comparison with classic panels, and the customer just did not consider this.

If the customer had used a product configurator, this problem would not have occur. He or she would have had the option to view the door in every possible version. An infinite number of changes could be applied to panels, glazing, veneer colours, extra elements could be added, the doors could be equipped with handles, locks and rosettes, or even change the colour of the wall on which they are mounted could be changed. It would then be easier to determine that the initially chosen elements are not compatible with each other in such a configuration.

Who needs a product configurator?

Customers – without a doubt. They get access to a tool they can use whenever they want via an internet-connected device. Thanks to it, they can configure all the features of the product to suit their needs. If they are dissatisfied – they can start all over again, and there is absolutely no time limitation. Everything in the configurator is free.

The configurator is also a valuable tool for everyone who sells customizable products and wants to improve their customer satisfaction. Regardless of the industry, the configurator can be tailor-made to suit everything from clothing and jewellery, to calendars, computers, cars, and doors – wherever the customer decides on the final shape of the product they are buying.

Thanks to this configurator, the brand can improve its sales. It just has to connect it with the store. Instead of a lengthy process of arranging order details with the customer and risking a misunderstanding regarding the details of one of the ordered items, employees will receive an order that is ready for fulfilment. What's more, thanks to the configurator it is possible to start selling to industries which had not yet been able to conduct e-commerce because of their specific characteristics. These are primarily the industries in which it is necessary to arrange the details of the order with the customer (such as the sale of window blinds).

How will the configurator support business?

  • It will increase customer satisfaction – thanks to the possibilities it offers, customers will get exactly what they expected. This will help reduce the percentage of unhappy customers.
  • Furthermore, it will increase income – satisfied customers will not only return, but also recommend the store to their friends.
  • It will also result in a reduction of the number of returns as customers will be able to visualize their product configuration and make a well-informed decision when ordering.
  • The configurator will make the brand's image more attractive and help keep ahead of the competition. It is an innovation in the shopping world, and everyone enjoys using tools which make their lives easier.

Bonuses for customers

The configurator can be used to convince hesitant customers. An example may be rewarding a customer with a discount for using the configurator when placing an order. A larger discount may be granted for sharing a message on social media (promotional elements) about the configurator or the product which was customized using this tool.

Gamification elements can be built into the configurator. For creating a certain number of product versions, the customer may receive a discount. There are many possible options, and the configurator can become part of the brand's promotional and marketing strategy.

Door configurator from Oxido – already helping to achieve success

Oxido has developed a configurator dfor Disting, a door manufacturer. This is a simple and intuitive tool for which you only need a computer with access to the Internet and some free time. You can sit back comfortably in your armchair and test an unlimited number of door versions. Customizable elements include veneers, panels, glazing, handles, rails, rosettes, locks, hinge covers, and many other items. You can even change the colour of the wall which is the background for the door. All these options are available so that you can choose the model that best fits your needs.

The selection process consists of just a few steps. First, you select the model, then adjust the details, and finally, you can confirm your changes, and save and print the selected door configuration. You can go back to the beginning and start modifying the door from scratch again at any time.

By implementing the configurator, Disting’s customers have been provided with an innovative tool offering incentives to make purchases that builds confidence in the brand, which ensures their satisfaction. The number of complaints because of incorrectly placed orders has declined, and the sales process has also improved.

Product configurators are the future of trade, which is changing under the pressure of modern technologies. If you want to be ready for the future and you are looking for tools that will please your customers – contact us!