Online shopping as effective as in a regular store? We have the solution!

Imagine that your online customers are just as happy as if they were buying your products in a store. They see what they are buying and thus avoid disappointment. Impossible? Oxido has a solution.

Although more and more people are buying online*, everyone acknowledges the obvious drawbacks of this method. When buying online, you only have a picture of the product, and sometimes a video. You cannot touch it or try it on. You often have a picture of a product in only one version, though it may be available in many different colours, dimensions, and with optional additions. Customers have to imagine the other versions. It’s even worse when you’re buying furniture. You can look through photos of chests of drawers, tables, cupboards, but without any background. It is very difficult to imagine a composition created from these elements of furniture.

The upside is that the product range of online store far exceeds the offers of even the largest regular shops. Prices on websites are also quite often lower. Therefore, despite the above-mentioned problems, people are increasingly shopping online.

Unfortunately, some of the purchases are bad choices and customers are disappointed. Not everyone can imagine a product in the colour of which they saw only a sample. Others did not read the dimensions, or did not select the right accessories and the final effect is not pleasing. Many of these people will want to return the product, and this is a loss for the company. Especially if it was a customizable product, it could be harder to re-sell. Is there any solution to this problem?

Product configurators from Oxido

Most of these problems can be solved by using a product configurator. This is an interactive online tool designed to meet the needs and requirements of a particular business. We prepare them to clearly show the company's offer, and any product that comes in different versions can be configured by the customer in real time.

What does this mean? First, you choose the product you would like to customize. On the screen of your device (a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone) all the available options for a particular product are displayed: colours, accessories, sizes, versions, shapes, and more.

KBy clicking on the product, you can check how the product will look like in a given configuration. The possibilities of changes are endless. If the effect does not meet your expectations, with just a click of a button you can reset the settings and start over, and even select a different product as the base. There is no time limit, and you can adjust the settings in any place you like, in the park or with a cup of coffee at home.

Tailor-made configurators

Configurators can be used in many industries. In the clothing industry, customers can customize the details of their clothing. When it comes to furniture, they can configure the various furniture elements and even check how they shall look like together in a composition. In the electronics industry, the parameters of the ordered devices can be customized.

But that’s not everything. The configurator can also be used for doors, windows, gates, shutters, floors, paint, wall stickers, and even in the automotive industry (for adjusting the details of the car or another vehicle). It is a versatile tool that will even be useful in the insurance industry.

Regardless of which industry you operate in, we will find a way to customize the configurator to meet your needs. Our graphic designers and programmers will customize the graphic design to your company's visual identity, as well as the configurator's features. We will design the entire buying process - from selecting a base product to subsequent steps leading the customer to place an order and purchase the product.

How does the configurator improve your shopping experience?

First of all: is there anybody who does not like getting exactly what they really want? The configurator will give customers a sense of participating in the creation of a perfectly tailored product from the very beginning. This tool also gives them the feeling that they will receive a truly personalised product which is not mass-produced and that the seller is able to respond to their requirements.

Thanks to the product configurator, customers can view the chosen product before ordering it. If they are not satisfied, they can reset their changes and start the configuration process all over again. This process can be repeated until they are happy with their choices. Therefore, it is certain that when customers will place their orders, they will receive the product that they really want. This results in a minimal number of returns and a greater number of satisfied customers. Moreover, customers will be more likely to order from the same store again.

As effective as in a regular store

Our product configurator raises online shopping to a higher level. It provides new possibilities because customers know exactly what they are buying, just like in a regular shop where all the available product versions are on display. Our tool makes it easier to avoid the disappointment associated with the fact of purchasing a product remotely. Although customers won’t be able to touch it, they will be able to see it in the same version as the one they will receive after placing an order.

The seller will also gain many benefits. In a regular store, sales are easier than over the Internet, because the seller immediately receives a complete set of information. In an e-store, sometimes there are misunderstandings, incorrectly placed orders, or products may be missing, especially if the order is non-standard and in the last stage customers have to specify details by themselves. The configurator collects from the customer all the information necessary to send the order. It is easier for the store’s employees to fulfil the order and the risk of misunderstandings is minimised.


Would you like to see our configurators in action? The Disting door configurator and and the Bastion door configurator support the sales of our customer, KR Center, and ensure that customers get exactly the doors they were looking for. The multitude of options and implemented functionalities (e.g. background change, the possibility of reversing the wall) guarantee this!

Do you need a configurator for your business? It would be our pleasure to help you, contact us today!!

** In 2016, more than half of Poles made purchases online. Data from the report by