We lead the best

We go further, in the right direction

The direction of the journey is determined by the lands of innovation and the oceans of dreams. Strong winds are overcome by a wealth of experience and knowledge. In our hand luggage, we have passion, amazing ideas and fair terms of cooperation.

At our destination, our knowledge materializes in the form of projects that bring you significant benefits, make you stand out in the market and promote your image.

It's an incredible joy for us to see your company growing with the help of our contribution and dedication. It is also fuel for our own growth.

Marek Jeleśniański

There is still so much to discover. 
Every day we try to direct
our thoughts to the unknown
lands of innovation.

Marek Jeleśniański, Oxido

Our path to your goal

Career path

We help to explore

We want working for us to be an adventure and our employees to discover something new every day; we want them to feel that they create something important and innovative. It is a journey not only towards modern technology, but above all, into themselves and their abilities.

We believe that in life, one should go off the beaten paths and set new trails. Only such an approach really makes sense. Therefore, if you are ready for a fascinating journey - you are invited!