Our strengths

Increased satisfaction

of Customers who receive exactly what they need

An increase in revenues

due to Customers being more confident about their purchases

Fewer returns

through visualising selected product configuration


– also in sales in conventional stores

Marek Jeleśniański

The product wizard by Oxido may be the first
element of an innovative online
and in store sales system.

Marek Jeleśniański, Oxido

Efficient realization

Product Wizard can be used in many industries - everywhere, where the end-customers have the ability to adapt the product or service to their needs. Although the requirements of each business sector are slightly different, the boot process of the visualisation system is done in similar steps.

  • Analysis

    Understanding the specifics of the company, preparing a list of features you need.

  • Planning

    Defining the stages of work on specific functionalities.

  • Work on the system

    Customizing the wizard's functions to the needs of the company and its corporate identity.

  • Building a database

    Preparing files and configuration options for each product.

  • Online implementation

    Launching the product wizard on the web server; integration with the e-shop.

  • Offline implementation

    Starting up devices in the conventional store to facilitate access to the wizard.

  • Support and development

    Technical support and optional expansion of the wizard by more features.

When we reach the end, product wizard will be an invaluable tool for sales department and support for retail Customers.

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